Kirby is the 3r most used heroKirby

This is Kirby, Warp Star-riding citizen of Dream Land, who can suck up anything. His copy abilities allow him to steal the powers of other characters!

Yeah... He’s the only character who really hasn’t changed much from his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee. He’s round, pink and soft.

Kirby's Special Moves Standard Special Move Inhale Side Special Move Hammer Up Special Move Final Cutter Down Special Move Stone Final Smash Cook Kirby

Characters | Kirby | 07/06/2007 Thu

20/12/2007 Thu

Kirby: Special Moves

The move that symbolises Kirby is none other than his standard special move, Inhale!

He’s able to copy an enemy’s ability (by which I mean, their standard special move) and use it as his own.

When he inhales a foe and swallows...

...he copies his opponent’s ability!

So... Which look belongs to which character?

Characters | Kirby | 20/12/2007 Thu

09/10/2007 Tue

Kirby: Final Smash

Cook Kirby

Kirby is quite the glutton. He apparently even does his own cooking.

Welcome to Kirby’s cooking class!

The cook puts on his hat!

He takes out a giant pot!

Dinner time! He rings his bell.

He throws his enemies into the pot.

He simmers them gently...

OK! Dinner’s ready!

Once you take out the stock, your enemy gets blasted off.

But is that a real dish? Something like stone soup, maybe? Can you put just anything in there? Are you sure?

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