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link is a main brawler most used in all the games


The hero of The Legend of Zelda series. The design of this particular Link comes from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Link wields the Master Sword and a diverse arsenal of equipment. Use all of his weapons to adapt to the ebb and flow of battle.

Link's Special Moves Standard Special Move Hero's Bow Side Special Move Gale Boomerang Up Special Move Spin Attack Down Special Move Bomb Final Smash Triforce Slash

Characters | Link | 23/05/2007 Wed

20/08/2007 Mon

Link: Special Moves

The design for Link is taken from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, so his special moves have also been designed a bit differently.

Side Special Move: Gale Boomerang

Gale Boomerang!

The Gale Boomerang deals damage when thrown at an enemy, but when it comes back, it also lightly pulls the foe’s body.

Standard Special Move: Hero’s Bow

The Hero’s Bow! It’s fast.

Down Special Move: Bomb

Are these bombs made by Barnes?

Up Special Move: Spin Attack

You can charge up the Spin Attack!

Grab: Clawshot

All this and the Clawshot, too!

You can use the Clawshot to perform life-saving tether recoveries by aiming at available ledges.

It was difficult to aim in the previous game, but this time it automatically flies to the closest ledge, so it should be pretty simple to use.

Of course, it doesn't mean a thing if it can't reach its target...

Characters | Link | 20/08/2007 Mon

18/06/2007 Mon

Link: Final Smash

Triforce Slash

Is he using the Triforce to slash enemies? Or is it the Triforce doing the slashing?

You don’t have time to ponder such questions, as Link has just grabbed a Smash Ball.

Light shoots out from the Triforce on the back of Link’s hand, striking his opponents!

Link dashes into the fray! Enemies are trapped by the Triforce!

He strikes repeatedly with lightning speed!

And then comes the finishing strike! SKRAAAAH!

If you suffer this fate, there is little hope for you. But remember: damage alone will not finish you in Smash.

If you’re lucky enough to hit solid ground, you just might be saved.

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